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I was brought up in a small neighbourhood in Chania on the Greek island of Crete. My father was a fisherman and I spent most of my childhood evenings in our family seafood restaurant, often not playing with the other children but standing on a chair peeling sacks of potatoes and gutting the fish caught that day.

By day I would carry round my blue notebook and write down all the recipes I would like to prepare for my family, food and kitchen wisdom of the Greek grannies handed down to me. I would often be found after school carefully writing up recipes and surrounded by ingredients.

My dad is from Crete and my mum was Scottish so our household was fed on a sometimes peculiar blend of fresh fish, Sunday bacon and eggs and traditional apple pies. We embraced wild food throughout the year and it was always central to any family or social event.

After studying in England at university, I travelled through France and Spain on a bike and lived in the Ecuadorian jungle for a while, eating local fresh produce and learning to cook in local ways. After returning to the Cretan restaurant for a while, I came to London and began working at Moro with Samantha and Samuel Clarke. I’m now lucky enough to be Head Chef at Morito Hackney Road and bringing a Cretan influence to the signature Spanish and Middle Eastern menu.

This blog is a place for me to share my food loves and recipes and talk about my influences past and present with a focus on simple methods, amazing ingredients and fresh flavours.

Marianna x


Images of Crete by Andreas Markasis

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